A New Canada Vape Tax Is Coming!

The Canadian federal government has announced that they are implementing a new tax on vaping products.

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Essential Liquids Inc. is a proud member of the Vape Industry Trade Association (VITA). Introducing you to 5 VITA approved, incredibly refreshing e-Liquid brands. Each brand is unique and offers different flavours, nicotine strengths and PG/VG blends. Enjoy!

exotics e-Liquid

Exotics e-Liquid from Essential Liquids Inc is an exciting tropical eJuice brand, one who can’t wait to whisk you to a land only your imagination could create. A delightful blend of 30% VG. Exotics e-Liquid – a charismatic blend, boasting an incredible 58 flavours to choose from!

Kahuna eJuice

Kahuna eJuice from Essential Liquids Inc is a righteous blend of 70% VG that will leave you feeling totally pitted! Those looking for an extraordinary eJuice blend have found it. Stellar flavours include Ragin’ Raspberry and the Smooth DK Tobacco.

naturals e-Liquid

Naturals e-Liquid from Essential Liquids Inc is everything its name states it to be. A 100 % VG blend, Naturals isn’t ashamed of being a stand-out organic line. Customers will not be disappointed by the refreshing flavour lineup Naturals has to offer!

Silk Cloud e-Liquid

Silk Cloud e-Liquid from Essential Liquids Inc is an original out of the family. A 100 % VG blend, Silk Cloud was designed for Sub Ohm attys. Users may enjoy huge, white clouds with minimal throat hit. In an array of Custards, Sours, delicious Chocolates and Teas!

amsterdam e-Liquid

Amsterdam e-Liquid from Essential Liquids Inc is everything you hoped it would be. Amsterdam is an irresistible blend of 30% VG. A classic eJuice, offering warm, traditional flavours such as; Apple Pie and Peanut Butter Cookies. And sinful flavours, like, Beautiful Brandy.

Proud Member Of Vita

Essential Liquids Inc is a proud member of the Vape Industry Trade Association (VITA). All electronic cigarette products and e-Liquids comply with the rule and regulations set forth by the organization and their founders. The VITA is working to establish appropriate vape industry standards – Vape with confidence.

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