Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.
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Vaping Mistakes To Avoid For Beginners


Vaping Mistakes To Avoid - For Beginners

Vaping Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

Vaping Mistakes is one of the most important topics when it comes to vaping. Your life literally depends upon it. If you are trying to quit smoking and start vaping only to fail or lose interest, you will die a painful death.

The most popular reason that people give up vaping is frustration and dissatisfaction. Both of these are generally attributed to the newcomer making vaping mistakes. These life-threatening errors can be easily avoided once you are familiar with them and their remedies. So, my friends, we are here today to save your life.

Don’t Buy an Expensive Mod
Most beginners want to purchase the best electronic cigarette they can find. And of course, the salesperson at your local eJuice shop will happily sell you a high-end expensive rig or Mod. You don’t need or want that. Firstly, you don’t know how to operate it. Those things are complicated and require knowledge of settings, levels and a whole lot of other things that you will need to learn by trial and error. You are almost assuredly setting yourself up for failure.

Educate Yourself

Life is funny, it can also be simple. The golden rule, when it comes to learning new skills or trying new things, is to keep it simple. Imagine buying an expensive car and hopping behind the wheel, never having driven a car before. You will crash and if you don’t die you will be walking to work, as you will no longer have a car. You first need to learn how to drive.

Vaping Is Not Complicated

Typical e-Cig starter kits are easy to use and come with simple instruction manuals to get you vaping quickly. As with any skill, you have to start with baby steps and find out what works and doesn’t work. Go to a Vaping Expo or local shop. Your local vaping shop reps are usually eager to help and teach. It is in their best interest. They want you to come back and be a regular customer. The Internet has thousands of websites and tutorials as well. You need to learn the basics. “Education will set you free,” as William Shakespeare once penned. Free yourself from your cigarette addiction. Vaping can and will save your life. It is worth doing the homework.

Don’t Buy a Piece of Crap Either

We have warned you against purchasing too expensive a rig, as they will certainly frustrate you. However, the same holds true if you buy a piece of shit e-Cig. The supermarket throwaways and low-end e-Cigs will drive you crazy. And you will have no choice but to light up a cigarette to get your fix. Cheap e-Cigs are fragile and break very easily. They also leak, clog and stop working altogether. The batteries are crap and can’t hold a charge for very long. You can’t quit smoking if you can’t vape. So, you need to buy something a bit more functional but still affordable. There are plenty of great starter e-Cigs in the 20 dollar range.

Choosing the Wrong Nicotine Level

This can also be the deadly error of vaping mistakes. If you don’t get this right it can ruin your attempts to become a vaping and healthy person. Too much nicotine will burn your throat and kill the taste of whatever flavour you have chosen. Too little nicotine will leave you jittery and in need of a smoke. Either mistake will make your vaping experience nothing close to the smoking experience that you have become accustomed to and enjoy. You want to get this as close to your addiction as possible. So, use trial and error and get some good advice before making a vaping mistake.

Choosing the e-Liquid Wrong Flavour

First impressions last a lifetime. You want to get off on the right foot with vaping. Choosing weird, exotic or sweet flavours might turn you off right away. It is usually best to start with a tobacco or menthol flavour that most closely mimics your favourite tobacco brand. Fruit and dessert flavours are something you branch into once you’ve become used to the nuances of vaping. This is just like getting the nicotine right. The balance is important in maximizing your overall experience and subsequent desire to continue.

Giving up Before You Give it a Solid Go

This is the biggest faux pas. You have to keep in mind that cigarettes will kill you. This is the best advice I got when I was complaining that vaping just wasn’t the same as a good ole cigarette. And to be honest it isn’t. It takes some getting used to. But it is worth it, in every way. So, you have to give it a fair amount of time. You will cross over, trust me. It will take time to get the right e-Cig, figure out your flavour, VG and PG levels, nicotine and all that stuff.

Once you do, and you have been off the butts for a while, you will start to love vaping. This is not even to mention how incredible you are going to feel. After a week of vaping your senses will come back to life. Food will taste better. You’ll be able to climb the stairs. Hell, you will even be a Super Star in the bedroom. Don’t give up! The rewards of vaping are endless. Good luck!